Fire Detection & Suppression| SANS 1475

When safety matters most choose the BSI Kitemark for Fire Detection & Suppression

We offer a comprehensive range of fire testing services, BSI Kitemark certification and CE marking for fire products. With over 40 years' experience in this industry and a worldwide reputation, we can help you if you are looking for independent third party certification.

For manufacturers of fire detection and suppression products

We test and certify a wide range of fire detection and suppression products. Whether you need market access, you’re bringing new products to market, or if you want to differentiate your products to gain market share we can work with you.

For installers of fire detection and suppression systems

If you are installing or designing a system, or if you are responsible for the ongoing maintenance we can offer third party independent certification of your services through the BAFE accredited SP203 Kitemark scheme. Also, if you are looking to select products for your installations the BSI Kitemark can give you peace of mind that you are working with products that have been robustly tested to perform.

For specifiers

The BSI Kitemark is widely recognized by procurement professionals, and those responsible for major infrastructure projects. Our product directory could help you to identify acceptable products for tenders and validation. It allows you to search for approved BSI Kitemark products with their model numbers and descriptions and it makes it easier to identify products and services with the Kitemark.

SANAS accreditation


In addition to our UKAS accreditation, BSI also obtained SANAS accreditation for the following national standards:

SANS 1910:2009 Portable refillable fire extinguishers
SANS 1567:2014 Portable rechargeable fire extinguishers-C02 type extinguishers
SANS 543:2015   Fire hose reels (with semi-rigid hose)
SANS 10139         Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings
SANS 14520        Fixed firefighting systems. Gas extinguishing systems
SANS 1475: 2010 The production of reconditioned portable fire-fighting equipment