Why train with BSI?

When you’re working with BSI, you’re working with an organisation that operates throughout the world of standards. We offer one of the widest ranges of standards-related training available from meeting medical devices regulation to managing your energy effectively. We don’t just train you to meet standards – we helped to shape and develop many of them and we carry out the audits and assessments.

When you train with us, you get the full benefit of that 360-degree expert knowledge. We know what an audit will look for – so we train you to meet it. We know the thinking behind the standard – so we can convey that to drive and inspire your people.

We have a team of expert tutors working across the world who can transfer the knowledge, skills and tools your people need to embed standards of excellence into your organisation. They have vast amounts of training and assessment experience, and work across a wide range of business sectors.

They know best how to transform your organisation by training those who can make that change – that’s how we turn our experience into your expertise.

Our tutors

  • Train the assessors who check your compliance with standards – so they know what your training needs to achieve.
  • Many are experienced assessors themselves.
  • Work across many industries and sectors so understand the practical challenges you face.
  • Know how people work and can change habits that may have set in over time.
  • Use accelerated learning techniques to inspire and turn enthusiasm into tangible results.
  • Are skilled at communicating how to improve performance.

What we can do for you

The bottom line is that our people can train yours – not only to recognise excellence, but to maintain and build on it through continual improvement.