As one of the world’s leading organisations dedicated to raising standards, we run a variety of events, designed to deepen awareness of standards and get interested parties together to discuss how we can push the boundaries forward. Our events include conferences, seminars, workshops, masterclasses, forums and product launches.

You can also attend our training courses to gain a deeper understanding of existing standards and learn how you can embed them into your business to enhance performance, manage risk and improve sustainability. 

Date Event Location Type
25 Medical Devices Seminar ParkRoyal Hotel Seminar
8 BSI Food Catering Seminar BSI Singapore  Workshop
15 Information Security Incident Management Seminar BSI Singapore Seminar
14 Resilience in the Food Sector Workshop BSI Singapore  Workshop
19 Medical Devices Regulatory (MDR) Talk BSI Singapore  Workshop

Date Event Location Type
 10-11 Cloud and Cyber Security Expo Asia 2018  Marina Bay Sand Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore Expo
 15 BSI - FIA: Future Food - Towards a more resilient food industry   Singapore  Conference