Public training courses

Held at the BSI Training Academy, these are regularly conducted with delegates from different organizations, allowing you to network with your peers. Getting into new learning environment can give you a different and powerful perspective on your normal ways of working. New ideas can flow more freely, and you’ll come back inspired.  

In-company training

This option means the training is tailored to your organisation and lets your people study in the setting where they’ll use their skills. It also saves you the cost and disruption of sending your people away to a different training location. Plus you can reduce the level of risk to proprietary and confidential information.  

Connected Learning Live

BSI Connected Learning Live is a real-time, online way of training that delivers our wourld class learning programmes to you through an engaging and interactive experience, regardless of your location. 

Online training (e-learning)

Learn at your own pace, at any place with our elearning. You can access the training and learn at a time that suits you - minimizing the impact on your day-to-day activities. 

  • engaging and captivating course design
  • developed by experienced  professionals
  • voice-over narration with captions
  • hands-on, relevant and interactive
  • user friendly