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Remote connectivity

Podcast Series

Remote Connectivity - how to achieve information resilience?

Five episodes series discussing information resilience; cloud resilience; Industry 4.0 and data protection

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How to achieve information resilience?

Information resilience empowers organizations to safeguard its information. In this podcast series our panel of experts will address the different challenges around remote work and cloud security.

Throughout this series, we will be discussing a range of topics to help your organization improve its information resilience in an increasingly distributed working world.

Across five episodes, our experts will provide their insights on how to build resilience in the cloud, ensure compliance to requirements, manage your data in a resilient way and protect your organization.

Discover all episodes:

Episode 1: Resilience in the cloud

In this episode, we discuss important aspects of cloud security in our new remote world such as connectivity and information, education, visibility, and controls.

Presenters: Nigel Hawthorn and Michael Green





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Episode 2: Evolutions in cloud-delivered defence

In this episode, our experts will discuss evolutions in cloud-delivered defence, exploring how BSI and our partners can enable clients to reduce risk and improve user experience. 

Presenters: Michael Green and Thomas Quinlan

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Episode 3: Enabling industry 4.0 and digital trnsformation by bridging the IoT security gaps

In this episode we will explore the issue of IoT security across the asset lifecycle and the risks associated with exposed networks. Have a look at accountability from planning and manufacture, to installation and disposal. And, explain how to ensure a robust system, manage business and technology cyber risks and achieve sustainable resilience in IoT.

Presenters: Mark Brown, David Mudd and Isabel Forkin


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Episode 4: Information resilience and business continuity

In this episode our experts will discuss Information and data resilience focusing on the issue of cloud shared responsibility in SaaS, IaaS and PaaS models and how public cloud providers default settings address business requirements or not. This discussion will also cover business continuity, regulatory requirements and specific threats being seen in 2021

Presenters: Stephen Bowes and Mike Pitman






Episode 5: Automotive cybersecurity

In this episode, our experts will discuss the rise of connected automotive and the latest challenges faced by the industry in terms of cybersecurity. They will also address the latest ISO automotive cybersecurity (ISO/SAE 21434) and how automakers are working towards improving their vehicles to prevent cyber attacks.

Presenters: Kristin Demoranville and Yonatan Appel


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