Lead / Internal Auditor Professional Qualification

Available across our full range of ISO management system standards qualifications, the second step on your Auditor qualification pathway takes you beyond conformity audits and develops your ability to audit improvement initiatives.

Whether you are an experienced Internal or Lead Auditor, the focus of this advanced qualification is to expand upon process improvement approaches that can help strengthen and improve your organization’s quality management system.

As an example, clause 10 of the ISO 9001:2015 standard discusses improving the quality management system at length, so the Professional qualification is the perfect next step to build upon what you have learned in your Practitioner qualification and bring even more value to your organization.

How will I benefit?

  • Demonstrate an understanding or process improvement methodologies
  • Add value to your organization by being able to compile and communicate feedback to management to strengthen the management system
  • Continue your career progression and development within your role
  • Join a global community of qualified professionals to share experiences and practical advice to use in your everyday life

Which qualification will I achieve?


On successful completion of your Lead or Internal Auditor Professional qualification, you’ll receive an additional BSI Mark of Trust that can be shared across within your organization and across your network of contacts.