Performance Improvement

Operating an organization to run successfully and adapt quickly to change is a constant challenge. Being agile in an increasingly competitive market can enable an organization to cope with economic conditions and market forces.

Production control training courses

Quick Changeover for Operational fFexibility and Responsiveness >

This training course will provide you with the practical knowledge to reduce changeover time and enhance your organisation’s flexibility and responsiveness to meet customers’ demands. You’ll learn the principles and techniques of Quick Changeover and how to implement a world-class changeover activity.

RM + 6% SST

1 day classroom training course

Advanced Statistical Process Control (SPC+) with Minitab Software >

This course is designed for managers, engineers or executives who are involved in quality improvement initiatives. It is equally suitable for those who are already using SPC; those who would like to be exposed to the use of Advanced SPC with Minitab software, as well as those who would like to sharpen their competency in the interpretation of the results.

RM + 6% SST

1 Day classroom training course

Work Engineering for Smooth Flow Manufacturing >

This training with focus on work methods and measurement is a proven practical and time-tested methodology to enhance your production or operational management, particularly in the areas of shortening cycle time and overall lead time of your production process. You will also learn the method to planning and designing an effective production layout

RM1600 + 6% SST

2 days classroom training course

In-house training

Advanced Pull Manufacturing with Heijunka >

An ideal Lean manufacturing facility operates to the beat of customer demand and holds just enough inventory to keep production going. Material is “pulled” in to replenish actual usage rather than purchased based on a minimum order quantity (MOQ). Production processes are linked and operate according to “takt time”. Scheduling is based on actual demand instead of on forecast.

2 days classroom training course