Customer Feedback Policy and Procedure

BSI is committed to providing an efficient and responsive service to our customers and stakeholders. Whilst every effort is taken to meet the high standards expected of us sometimes things can still go wrong. When this occurs we need to be informed so that every effort can be made to put things right and prevent further shortcomings in the future. One of the ways in which we are committed to this and to continuing to improve our service to you and others is by listening and responding to your complaints, compliments and comments.

We hope there will be times when we exceed your expectations and you want to share the positive experience you have had with us.  We are always pleased to receive your positive comments as it is useful for us to know when we have done a good job so that we can promote good practice throughout our organization and give credit to our people where credit is due.

We want to provide you with the best possible experience and be fully satisfied with the products and services you receive from BSI. If you are not and have a complaint, then we want you to tell us as soon as possible.  

We will:

  • Send an acknowledgement email to you as the complainant up to 5 working days of receipt of the compliant 
  • Identify and implement actions to control and correct the complaint within 10 working days. You as complainant may be contacted to obtain the additional clarification if required
  • If it is not possible to respond to your issue within 10 working days, the complaint shall be escalated to the Global Technical and Compliance Team and you will be communicated about closure response 


If you are a certified or verified assertion client of BSI and have a dispute concerning your certification and verification that you have been unable to resolve either your Client Manager/Auditor/Verifier, or with the local management of your BSI office, you may appeal relating to the reconsideration of a decision made by BSI in writing to the Regional Managing Director of the BSI office in your country within 10 calendar days of the decision or closing meeting of an audit.

Regardless of country location, following the receipt of an appeal, an independent appeal panel will be appointed which is independent of the issue under consideration. A meeting of the appeals panel and the interested parties will be convened as soon as practicable. Evidence from all parties will be heard in confidence and the appeals panel will make a final and conclusive decision in writing to BSI and the Appellant.  

For receiving any official appeal and dispute about any issue relates to assessment outcome or certification status, BSI will:

  • Log your appeal within 2 working days of receipt into the Global Technical and Compliance department
  • Ensure that a Responsible Person is identified to set up an Appeal Panel to investigate and manage the appeals process. If necessary, the Appellant shall be contacted by the Responsible person to obtain additional relevant objective information that may support to the appeal
  • Judge the appeal through Appeal Panel. The final outcome is notified to the Global Complaints and Appeals Coordinator, who then sends the final Resolution and Closure Letter to the Appellant within 30 calendar days of receipt of appeal

Please refer to BSI certification policy for further information.

You may want to pass comments to us about things like our products, services, website etc. We are always pleased to receive these comments as they help to guide and enhance our offerings.

All feedback provided will be recorded within our customer feedback recording system, will be treated confidentially and in line with BSI’s privacy policy. It will be reviewed and monitored monthly by management, to identify and implement improvements for our stakeholders.

How to give us your feedback

Information that would help us to deal with your feedback

In order to respond to your feedback, please provide as much of the following information as possible when you contact us:

Title & Name
Company Name if appropriate
Telephone Number (including dialing code)
Email Address
Customer account number (if known)
BSI committee reference if appropriate

Type of feedback:
Complaint (first complaint or a follow up to a reply you were not satisfied with)

A clear description of the feedback