Business Continuity Plans (BCP) Principles and Practices Training Course

Business Continuity Plans form an essential part of an organization's tools for maintaining continuity of critical products and services. 

Course content explores the role a BCP plays in aligning the resilience requirements for uninterruptable services and the measures that need to be in place for an organization to restore their business after an unexpected disruption. Risk assessment techniques and recovery strategies are introduced as prerequisites for formulating useful continuity plans and plans to recover services through to business as usual (BAU) are developed. 

How to use a Business Continuity Plan as a means of measuring response, where BAU is one endpoint and disaster recovery is the other is studied as is the validation of plans through appropriate exercising the relative advantages and limitations of different techniques.

This course combines presentations as well as individual and team activities designed to establish and cement a practical understanding of the elements of Business Continuity Plans, enabling you to construct, deploy and validate relevant BCPs.

How will I benefit?

This course will help you:

  • Understand the purpose and structure of BCPs
  • Recognize the appropriate use of BCPs
  • Construct BCPs covering service recovery and disaster management back to BAU
  • Use exercise techniques to validate the plans