Introduction to Risk Assessment eLearning course

The course is aligned to support implementation of ISO 45001, occupational health and safety management but can be used by any professional interested in emergency planning, business continuity and investigation techniques.

Hazards exist in every workplace, just as they do in everyday life. Assessing the risk of hazards causing injury or ill-health in the workplace is fundamental to occupational health and safety management.

This course defines hazard, risk, and explains criteria and methodologies for the key risk assessment steps of identification and analysis. Whilst it does not cover legal requirements in relation to risk assessment, it is important to be aware that many countries will have specific legislation in relation to risk assessment that you will need to be aware of and comply with.

Identifying and analysing risks will not of itself achieve anything if the process ends there. The latter part of the risk assessment process is concerned with evaluating risks to determine which, if any, are acceptable, and then treating all others either by eliminating them at source or applying control measures. This module covers the ways in which risk evaluation and risk treatment can be carried out. It also looks at the contribution and complications that humans, and human failure, add to the whole area of risk assessment.

E-Learning - training that’s even more flexible
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How will I benefit?

This course will help you:

  • Understand how to identify risks and assess them using tools and methodologies
  • Utilize a selection of tools and methodologies used in risk assessment
  • Correctly identify the key actions that should be taken after a risk assessment exercise has been completed