Food Safety Foundation eLearning course

This course has been developed for food handlers and other staff in food manufacturing who need to understand the principles of food hygiene and safety. The course covers the importance of food safety, hazards present in food, and how these hazards can be controlled effectively. The course has been written by food safety auditors and trainers, and can be accessed on-demand by learners.

The course modules cover:

  1. Foodborne illnesses and food safety hazards
  2. The responsibilities of food handlers
  3. Temperature control
  4. Food facility design and construction
  5. Control of hazards in food facilities
  6. Food preparation and processing equipment
  7. Cleaning and hygiene
  8. Pest Prevention
  9. Food safety management and training

How will I benefit?

  • Access your training at a time and location convenient to you
  • Interactive learning through activities and quizzes
  • On successful completion of the assessment, download your digital certificate immediately