Fire fighting equipment

When performance matters most, we have experience of independent and impartial testing and certification of a wide range of fire fighting equipment including:

Fire Extinguishers

As well as compliance testing to all of the standards below, BSI can offer a complete testing package including on-site witness testing and integrated multi-assessment visits to cover, CE (pressure equipment and marine directives) and BSI Kitemark certification. BS EN 1866-1 can be tested against the Pressure Equipment Directive and /or the Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive. BSI Kitemark certification schemes for these products will automatically qualify against CE marking compliance.

Water Mist Systems

Water mist systems operate in a similar way to standard sprinkler systems, however, when activated, instead of a heavy spray, they produce a fine mist of water.

The three types of mist system are: Low pressure: <12.5 bar, Medium pressure: >12.5 and< 35 bar and High pressure: >35 bar.

BSI can provide BSI Kitemark certification based on FM approved water mist systems, but not against system components.

FM 5560       Water mist systems

Fire Blankets

In most instances fire blankets are used to extinguish kitchen environments. However, they are also an effective method of smothering fire on a person., for example, if their clothing should catch light during a fire incident.  The BSI Kitemark is a widely recognized quality mark on these products.

Fixed Fire Systems

Fire and Rescue Services rely on their equipment to quickly secure a supply of water to extinguish a fire. All the essential components of a system must work and there’s no room for compromise. We can test and certify products such as hoses, valves, couplings and hand-held branchpipes.

We can also help you with:

Because we are Notified Body for 17 European Directives and the Kitemark is accepted in many countries, we can help you meet the requirements to trade. We have UKAS accredited laboratories, and can provide testing, mandatory or voluntary certification and compliance wherever your business is located.

If there is a particular standard or specification for which you require a testing service not listed here, please contact us as we may be able to help.