Maintaining your BS 39001 Road Traffic Safety Management System

Road traffic safety management is a long-term commitment. And the more you invest in it, the more your organization, staff, customers and the general public will benefit. BS ISO 39001 helps to identify threats to road traffic safety and reduce risks to make way for better performance and ongoing compliance with industry best practice. 

Make the most of your certification

As a BSI client you can access a number of resources designed to help you get the most out of your certification. You’ll get regular updates on the latest standards developments as well as our training courses and events. The support you receive from your client manager will continue alongside business reviews to keep your business competitive. 

Use the BSI Assurance Mark

Our clients can use the BSI Assurance Mark to demonstrate certification and best practice. You will also be listed in our global client directory, joining more than 60,000 certified clients who have already benefited from using the BSI Assurance Mark. 

Integrate to keep getting better

BS ISO 39001 can be integrated with other management systems. Now you are certified to the standard, you can bring all your management systems together to get more out of your investment. Try using PAS 99 as a framework to identify and integrate common management system requirements for better performance.

Why choose BSI?

We pioneered standards more than 100 years ago and today we’re the market leader. We help over 65,000 organizations ranging from top global brands to small ambitious businesses in 150 countries to gain an edge over their competition. As one of the few organizations that understand standards from start to finish, we don’t only assess how well you’re meeting them, we create new standards from scratch and train teams globally to use them and perform better. Our knowledge can transform your organization.