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Technology Co., Ltd.

9# Building

No. 1288 South Changqing Road

High-Tech Development Zone




Certificate/license number Standard/scheme number or name Start date Expiry date
Certificate/license number 82003-004 Standard/scheme number or name IATF 16949:2016 Start date 2021-10-28 Expiry date 2024-10-27
The manufacture of spinning pulleys. Permitted Exclusions: Product design. Including remote support functions: 1. Anhui Haofang Electromechanics Co., Ltd. No. 1288, South Changqing Road, High-Tech Development Zone, Bengbu, Anhui 233010, China Policy making, strategic planning, quality system management, management review, info. technologies, facilities management, calibration, laboratory, human resources, process design. 2. Fujian Howard Spinning Technology Co., Ltd. 1st Floor, No. 8 Beisanhuan Road, Fujian Longzhou Industrial Park, Xipi Sub-district, Xinluo District, Longyan, Fujian 364000, China Strategic planning, policy making, marketing, sales, contract review, customer service, process design, R&D, engineering, purchasing, supplier management, laboratory, production equipment development, facilities management, information technologies, quality system management.
旋压皮带轮的制造。允许删减:产品设计。 包括外部支持职能: 1、安徽昊方机电股份有限公司 中国安徽省蚌埠市高新技术开发区长青南路1288号 邮编:233010 方针制定、战略策划、质量体系管理、管理评审、信息技术、设施管理、校准、实验室、人力资源和过程设计。 2、福建威而特旋压科技有限公司 中国福建省龙岩市新罗区西陂街道福建龙州工业园北三环路8号1层 邮编:364000 战略规划、政策制定、市场、销售、合同评审、顾客服务、过程设计、研发、工程、采购、供应商管理、实验室、生产设备开发、设施管理、信息技术、质量管理体系。

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