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BSI certificate profile

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BSI certificate profile
BSI certificate profile
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ISO/IEC 27001:2022

Shinkong Insurance Co., Ltd.
No. 15, Sec. 2, Jianguo N. Rd.
Zhongshan Dist.

Certificate number IS 665674
Scope The provision of (1) user operation and maintenance of e-commerce system within E-commerce Dept.; and (2) development, operations, and maintenance of all information systems (including e-commerce systems), management of server room activities and network infrastructure supporting activities within Information Technology Dept. This is in accordance with the Statement of Applicability, SKI-IT-2-026, version 3.0 dated 5 October 2023.
新光產物保險提供(1)電子商務部電子商務系統使用者操作及維護;(2)資訊部所有資訊系統(包含電子商務系統)之設計、開發、操作及維護,與機房及網路基礎設施支援活動。 依據適用性聲明書,編號:SKI-IT-2-026,版本:3.0,發行日期:2023年10月5日。
Original registration date Effective date Last revision date Expiry date
Original registration date 2017-01-20 Effective date 2023-01-20 Last revision date 2023-12-10 Expiry date 2026-01-19

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