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BSI certificate profile
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ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Mobile Network Planning & Design
Department of Network Technology Group
Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.
No. 35, Aiguo E. Rd.
Da-an Dist.

Certificate number IS 517700
Scope The provision of design, development of mobile communication network services, operation, maintenance of all information systems and communication technology infrastructure facilities, network switching and mobile value-added service facilities and related information processing supporting activities within Network Solution Planning Section of Network Architecture and Strategic Planning Department, Operation Planning Section of General Planning Department, Mobile Network Operation & Maintenance Department, Mobile Network Engineering Section of M&E Engineering and Development Department, Mobile Network Planning & Design Department, Administration Management Department, Occupational Safety & Health Department, Business Group Service Department, Mobile Network Northern Branch, Mobile Network Central Branch, Mobile Network Southern Branch of Network Technology Group, Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. This is in accordance with the Statement of Applicability, 7050-CGB000-IS-2-002, version 001 dated 02 August 2022.
中華電信股份有限公司網路技術分公司之網路架構及策略規劃處之網路解決方案規劃科、綜合企劃處之營運企劃科、行動網路維運處、電力空調規劃設計處之行網電力空調科、行動通信規劃設計處、行政管理處、職業安全衛生處、事業群服務處、行動北區營運處、行動中區營運處、行動南區營運處,提供行動通信網路服務之設計與開發,所有資通信基礎設施、網路交換與行動加值服務設施之操作與維運,及相關資訊處理支援活動。 依據適用性聲明書,編號:7050-CGB000-IS-2-002,版本:001,發行日期:2022年8月2日。
Original registration date Effective date Last revision date Expiry date
Original registration date 2007-07-26 Effective date 2022-06-17 Last revision date 2023-06-14 Expiry date 2025-06-16

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