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ISO 50001:2018

Baosteel Chemical Zhanjiang Co., Ltd.
Weiwu Road, Jinger Road
Zhanjiang Iron & Steel Plant
Donghai Island

Certificate number ENMS 702375
Scope The energy management activities for the manufacture of coal chemical products (the product with qualification requirement should be limited in its qualification certificate). Comprehensive energy consumption per unit output of coal chemical products: 0.063tce/t, the production process is as follows: coal tar - dehydration - vacuum distillation (product: carbon black oil) - distillate washing (product: dephenolized phenol oil and dephenolized light oil) - (1) Phenolate decomposition (product: crude phenol), (2) Naphthalene distillation unit (product: industrial naphthalene and washing oil). (Data statistics cycle:(3)Modified asphalt carbon black oil (soft asphalt → pretreatment (product: anthracene oil) → asphalt modification → asphalt tank (product: liquid modified asphalt) → curing molding (product: solid modified asphalt). (Data statistics cycle: January- December 2022)
煤化工产品(涉及资质按资质范围)生产的用能活动。 煤化工产品单位产量综合能耗:0.063tce/t,生产工艺为: 煤焦油→脱水→减压蒸馏(得产品:炭黑油)→馏分洗涤(得产品:脱酚酚油、脱酚轻油)→①酚盐分解(得产品:粗酚)、②萘蒸馏装置(得产品:工业萘、洗油)。③改质沥青 炭黑油(软沥青→预处理(得产品:蒽油)→沥青改质→沥青大槽(得产品:液态改质沥青)→固化成型(得产品:固体改质沥青)。 (数据统计周期:2022年1~12月)
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Original registration date 2019-01-16 Effective date 2022-01-16 Last revision date 2023-12-26 Expiry date 2025-01-15

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