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BSI certificate profile

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BSI certificate profile
BSI certificate profile
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ISO 14001:2015

Shanghai Sieyuan Hongrui Automation
Co., Ltd.
2F of Plant 2, 2F/5F of Building 4
Minhang District
No. 3399, Huaning Road

Certificate number EMS 661844
Scope The design & development, manufacturing and technical services of intelligent primary and secondary equipment (power system automation, power system protection and control equipment, communication equipment, instrumentation, distribution automation equipment and power supply system) of power system; The design & development, construction and maintenance of intelligent operation and maintenance products and security prevention technology of power system. Registration address: Room 416 of Building 1, No. 3399 Huaning Road, Shanghai
电力系统工程的智能一次设备和二次设备(电力系统自动化设备、电力保护控制设备、通信设备、仪器仪表、配用电设备、电源系统设备)设计开发、制造和技术服务;电力系统工程的智能运维产品及安全技术防范工程开发设计、施工、维护。 注册地址:上海市闵行区华宁路3399号1幢416室
Original registration date Effective date Last revision date Expiry date
Original registration date 2016-11-02 Effective date 2022-11-02 Last revision date 2023-11-07 Expiry date 2025-11-01

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