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BSI certificate profile

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BSI certificate profile
BSI certificate profile
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ISO 14001:2015

Chung Hwa Chemical
Industrial Works, Ltd.
No. 30, Ching Chien 5th Rd.
Guanyin District
Guanyin Industrial Park

Certificate number EMS 645201
Scope The design, manufacture and sales of industrial and electronic sulfuric acid, sulfurochloridic acid, liquid aluminum sulfate, photoresist and developer, diversifical ploy- aluminum chloride, functional fiber intermediates, toluenesulfonic acid series products, reactive ultraviolet absorber, dyestuff and pigment intermediates.
Original registration date Effective date Last revision date Expiry date
Original registration date 2016-01-07 Effective date 2023-11-01 Last revision date 2023-10-11 Expiry date 2026-10-31

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