ISO 44001 Collaborative Business Relationships

ISO 44001 Collaborative Business Relationships

Collaborate successfully with your chosen partners

Collaborate successfully with your chosen partners

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About ISO 44001 Collaborative Business Relationship Management

Collaborative business relationship management systems can deliver a wide range of benefits to enhance competitiveness and performance.

ISO 44001 started life as PAS 11000 Collaborative business relationships. The PAS was published in November 2006.

It became a British Standard, BS 11000, in 2010 and now, it has evolved into an international standard to help organizations, large and small in both public and private sectors, to build and develop effective competitive business relationships based upon a collaborative approach.

The standard is applicable to private and public organizations of all sizes, from large multinational corporations and government organizations, to non-profit organizations and micro/small businesses. It can be used to manage relationships on several different levels whether your needs focus on a single application between operating divisions or more complex relationships like consortia and joint ventures.

BSI clients anticipate the following benefits when implementing a collaborative business relationship management system:







Source: 2011 BSI Benefits - BSI clients were asked which benefits they expected from certification to BS 11000 (the standard ISO 44001 is based on).

Are you ready for collaborative relationships?

Whether you’re new to ISO 44001 or want to take your expertise further, we have the right training courses, resources and services to help. We offer packages that can be customized to suit your business and jumpstart your collaborative relationships – cutting the cost of services you don’t need. A package of ISO 44001 products and services can be designed to remove the complexity of getting you where you want to be, whatever your starting point.

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