NEW Product Launch! BSI VerifEye Directory - Inspire trust and Raises your brand profile worldwide!

Who’s on the Directory and how do you get on there?

BSI clients who have been certified against any of the management system or product certification standards will be listed on the directory.

Simply search by certificate number, company name, location or standard number. You can then refine your search by drilling down by other facets. There are two profiles: the Basic Profile and the Verified profile.


The Basic Profile comprises the company details, contact information and BSI certificates held.


The Verified Profile comprises, in addition to the above, 28 sources of information derived from PAS 7000 Organization Profile and Capabilities & Capabilities modules including: site photographs verified by the BSI Auditor, other system and product certifications, site information such as size of warehouse or storage facilities, years of operation, key export markets, output/manufacturing capacity and a map to confirm the location.


For those who want to enhance their profile credentials even further, can adopt the full PAS 7000 verification in addition to other ISO Management systems standards which provides even more reassurance on a supplier’s capabilities, credentials, product and process compliance to international standards.

VerifEye Directory - Register Your Interest

Talk to us today and arrange a BSI profile verification to turn your certification achievements into a BSI Trusted Profile through the BSI VerifEyeTM Directory. When you’re talking to potential customers, we want to help you promote your certification credentials in a trusted and transparent manner. Fill out the form below and one of our Supply Chain experts will be in touch with you.


Alternatively, you can email or call +62 21 8379 3174 - 77, and we will be happy to assist you.

VerifEye - Supplier Verification Auditing

It rigorously examines your suppliers. The intelligence provided can give you the peace of mind, as well as the confidence to meet your future business objectives and protect your brand reputation.

Our Verification Audits give you a complete picture of your suppliers along the chain; highlighting weak links and potential risk points.

It’s easy to implement – simply choose from BSI’s suite of assessments or customize your audit based around an existing programme. When your audit is done, you will get a detailed Verification Report that shows clear actions and risk areas. You will also receive a ‘BSI Verified’ official document for each of your suppliers, showing that your supplier has passed the exacting BSI audit process.

With VerifEye you will:

  • Have onsite supplier audits to include varying areas of risk
  • A complete picture of your suppliers along the supply chain