Sofyan Hadisaputra

Professional Qualifications :

  • Trainner for ISO 9k
  • Trainner for ISO 18k
  • Trainner for ISO 14k
  • Trainner for ISO 27k

Academic Qualification :

  • Magister of Industrial Engineering at Universitas Mercu Buana, Jakarta

Professional Experience :

BSI Group Indonesia

Position : Trainner

Highlights: Trainner for ISO 9001, ISO 14k, ISO 18k, and ISO 27k.

Tutor Experience:

  • Tutor for Senior Management Briefing ISO 9001:2015 at Badan POM
  • Tutor for Advanced Internal Auditor ISO 9001:2015 at Otoritas Jasa Keuangan
  • Tutor for Requirements and Internal Auditor ISO 9001:2015 at Wilmar Nabati Indonesia Plant Gresik
  • Tutor for MR Quality at Bank Central Asia
  • Tutor for Auditor Transition Training Course at DG CORP
  • Tutor fot Auditor Transition Training Course at STMIK AMIKOM YOGYAKARTA
  • Tutor for Auditor Transition Training Course at PREMYSIS CONSULTANT
  • Tutor for Transition and Implementation Changes ISO 9001:2015 at PT. Caterlindo
  • Tutor for Transition, Implementation and Internal Auditor ISO 9001:2015 at PT. Indoprima

PT Bintang Solusi Utama 2015 - 2016

Position: Manager


  • To develop trainingscheme and program
  • To review and improvetraining system
  • Trainer role model for other trainer

PT. Serfindo Utama 2013 - 2015

Position: Director


  • Develop system for general operation as certification representative
  • Grant approval from overseas certification body as the sole representative for Indonesia
  • Establish brand and image for certification body granted.

PT.DAS Sertifikasi International Indonesia 2011 - 2013

Position: QA/MR/Auditor/Trainer


  • Conduct 3rd party audit on behalf DAS Certification Indonesia
  • Review audit reports from other auditors
  • Conduct training on behalf of DAS Certification Indonesia, including prepare the material
  • Present company’s product to prospective clients
  • Representing company in some meetings with client and/orGovernmental representative

PT NSK Bearings Manufacturing Indonesia 2008 - 2011

Position: QA/Quality improvement/Internal Auditor for ISO/TS 16949/Internal trainer


  • Quality improvement special team member, to take action to reduce quality problems.
  • Analysis and improvement of packaging system (pallet and tube handling)
  • Internal problems countermeasure for automotive ball bearings.
  • Involved in every audit conducted, from internal and external including second party audit
  • Develop training material related with Quality for Leader and Operators
  • Conduct training for all new operators

PT Kyosha Indonesia 2007 - 2008

Position: QA/Local customers’ claim reduction


  • Supervising 4 subsections under QA Department.
  • Handling customer complaint
  • Handling quality improvement projects
  • Packaging system and process concerning transportation factors.

PT HIT Electro-mechanics Indonesia 2006 - 2007

Position: QA/Product Safety Certifications


  • International product safety licences controller.
  • Quality improvement in testing systems,
  • Supervising internal tests according to international product standards.