On-location training

We always care about your continual improvement, and we believe without train your resources regularly you wouldn't be gain the excellence. Because of that reason BSI here for you to support your organization.

On 2014 our training deliverability will be upgrade, we add more service deliverability to you for enhance our training course deliverability and to support you much more better.

So BSI proudly present and provide on-location training for you and your organization. This training course will be deliver to you at where ever you are, it means we'll train you around Indonesia.

The 2 keys point of on-location training :

  • The audience for on-location training will be the same like public training, it means more than one insitutions or organizations are able to join at the same time on one on-location training schedule.
  • The place or venue of on-location training based on book place or as request by the audience (all around Indonesia)

What are the benefits :

  • Minimize your training cost (transportation, and time)
  • Excellence deliverability to all around Indonesia
  • More flexibility on place (book at every where you are)
  • Gain you sustainable business by continual improvements