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BSI Kitemark for Flood Protection (TM)

When safety matters most choose the BSI Kitemark for Flood Protection products.

“Flooding is the greatest natural threat facing the UK. The risk is rising, so political consensus and commitment on investment in flood defences, sensible planning decisions and working with the insurance industry is essential.” - Nick Starling, Director of General Insurance, ABI.

The 2013-14 winter was the wettest on record and according to the Environment Agency flooding is the most common and widespread natural disaster in the UK. More than two million properties in England and Wales are at risk from flooding from rivers or the sea.

The Environment Agency supports the BSI Kitemark scheme for Flood Protection products which demonstrates that products have been independently tested and proved fit for purpose.

If you manufacture flood protection products the BSI Kitemark not only helps your company stand out, but it can also help you to become a supplier to the local authority sector through the Environmental Agency Framework.

As the number of products to help alleviate the problems caused by flooding increases, could your business benefit from a recognized mark of quality, that shows that your performance claims are independently verified - and can be trusted?

What products are covered by the BSI Kitemark?

The BSI Kitemark for Flood Protection products is based on the publically available specification known as PAS1188. In 2014 a new version of this specification was published and all products now undergoing testing will be tested against the 2014 version which has a significant reduction in the allowable leakage rates compared to the previous version. This specification currently covers 4 different types of product which are listed below.

  • PAS 1188-1:2014 - Flood Protection products. Part 1: Building aperture products
  • PAS 1188-2:2014 - Flood Protection products. Part 2: Temporary and demountable flood protection products 
  • PAS 1188-3:2014 - Flood protection products. Part 3: Buildings & building skirt systems
  • PAS 1188-4:2014 - Flood protection products. Part 4: Demountable products

All flood prevention products that have a BSI Kitemark are initially independently type tested under BSI control and the manufacturing facility is assessed for the quality of the production of the product which is continued on a regular basis (typically once or twice a year). This helps to maintain the on-going quality and performance of the products; when it matters most you can trust the BSI Kitemark.

For manufacturers of flood protection products

We test and certify a wide range of flood protection products. Whether you need to win tendering opportunities, you’re bringing new products to market, or if you want to differentiate your products to gain market share we can work with you.

For specifiers

The BSI Kitemark is widely recognized by procurement professionals, and those responsible for major infrastructure projects. Our product directory could help you to identify acceptable products for tenders and validation. It allows you to search for approved BSI Kitemark products with their model numbers and descriptions and it makes it easier to identify products and services with the Kitemark.