Social value assessment - exploring the role of standards and BSI in the social value space

Social value and social impact (measurement) has been identified as an area that could benefit from harmonization. In 2016 we undertook an inquiry into the existing social value landscape to understand what the relevance of standards may be and how they might be best designed to support progress in this area. The output of this inquiry was a research report that provided a diagnosis of the market for standardization in social value (assessment) and some recommendations for how we might support this market. 

Building on the initial findings and recommendations of our research, on 18 October 2016 we hosted a London-based workshop with key stakeholders in the social value space. The event was designed to allow stakeholders to test, scrutinize and input into the recommendations of the research. This allowed us to: 

  • Engage with key players, thought leaders and specialists working in the field
  • Provide a forum for the discussion of key issues surrounding social value measurement, and the role of standardization and BSI in helping meet pressing market needs 
  • Validate the extent to which the recommendations outlined in a BSI-led research report are comprehensive, accurate and appropriate
  • Identify collaboration opportunities between us and key stakeholder groups, compile a list of standardization activities and actions in line with identified issues and market needs, and prioritize those activities that are of highest impact and timeliness for BSI to take forward in its role as the UK’s National Standards Body

Please register here to access the following:

  • Social value research report 
  • Annex A to social value research report 
  • Social value stakeholder forum report 

In 2017 we will be looking to take forward the key outcomes and recommendations from our social value project. If you are interested in collaborating with BSI to further (standardization) effort on the topic of social value (assessment), please contact