BSI Standards Awards

The BSI Standards Awards are intended to recognize exceptional contributions to standards making by BSI committee members. BSI also recognizes committee members for excellent service by awarding Distinguished Service Certificates; further details of these awards can be found on the BSI website. Previous recipients of BSI Standards Awards are not eligible for nomination but previous recipients of Distinguished Service Certificates are eligible for nomination.

All enquiries regarding the awards criteria and procedures and/or the awards ceremony should be sent to or you may phone 0208 996 7306.

Award categories

Wolfe Barry Medal – The most prestigious of the BSI Standards Awards, this award recognizes an outstanding contribution to standards making by an individual committee member who has been contributing to the development of a standard(s) which has a significant impact on industry, the economy and/or the public good.

New Award! Consumer Voice Award - This award recognizes an exceptional contribution to standards development by a consumer representative. It must be clear how the individual has contributed to / impacted the standard(s) being developed so that it recognizes the needs of consumers.

New Award! UK Committee Secretary Award - This award recognizes an exceptional contribution by a secretary of any committee for which BSI holds the secretariat. BSI staff members and external secretaries under the auspices of BSI; national, European and international secretaries are all eligible. The recipient will have demonstrated how they have gone above and beyond to support and advance the standards development work of the committee and thus positively impacted the output.

Emerging Standards Maker – This award recognizes an individual who has served on a committee for five years or less (their age is immaterial) who has already made a notable contribution to their committee and/or the standards making process.

International Standards Maker – This award is to recognize an exceptional contribution to representing, championing and safe-guarding the UK committee’s position in European or international standards-making.

Leadership Award - This award was created to recognize outstanding leadership and commitment by committee chairmen who have demonstrated exceptional skills in leading their committee(s) and also in supporting and mentoring new committee members.

Innovation Award - This award recognizes innovation in standards-making either in the standards development process or in the ability to develop effective standards in new/emerging areas.

Industry Leadership Award - This award recognizes exceptional support for standards-making by a trade association or professional body or an individual company for how they have supported and enabled committee members to actively participate in standards-making and how, as an organization, they have constructively engaged in standards-making and supported the benefits of using standards. 

The Awards Presentation

BSI Standards Awards recipients will be recognized during a ceremony at the Standards Forum and Awards 2017 event that will be held on Thursday 23 November 2017 at the Grange St Paul's Hotel, London.


  • May 2017 – nominations open
  • 22 September 2017 – nominations close
  • 23 November 2017 – Awards to be presented


Previous recipients of BSI Standards Awards are not eligible for nomination but previous recipients of Distinguished Service Certificates are eligible for nomination. Nominations for the BSI Standards Awards may be submitted by serving BSI committee members and current BSI employees only. Nominees must be serving or recently retired BSI committee members. The BSI Standards Awards are not intended to be used for recognition of long or distinguished service, a Distinguished Service Certificate would be more appropriate for this purpose. To nominate someone for a BSI Standards Award and/or to find out more about Distinguished Service Certificates please use the links on the right hand side of this page.