Taking standards into exciting new areas

The government knows that standards make a vital difference to the strength of the UK economy: they help businesses of all sizes compete more strongly, innovate more successfully and perform more efficiently. So it's no surprise that the government is funding new standardization projects and research in critical areas such as emerging technologies and sustainability. It is particularly keen to encourage innovation and help UK businesses compete globally. 

How government funding works

The department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is responsible for government policy on standards, and it helps BSI promote standards and develop new standards.

Research into key standards

Funded by BIS, we have carried out research in a wide range of areas, looking at where and how new standards could be introduced.

Events exploring new standards

We run events to explain the importance of new standards and to understand the views and needs of people working in key areas.

Case studies on the impact of standards

We produce government-funded case studies to explore the difference particular standards have made for the organizations that use them.