Bosch wins major safety award for braking technology


15 October 2003

Bosch was today presented with The Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for Driver and Passenger Safety, for its development of Electronic Stability Programme( ESP), the vehicle stability system that can prevent vehicles getting out of control.

ESP is the latest in an evolving line of electronic braking systems, which started with the introduction of ABS 25 years ago this year. Since that time ABS, traction control and now ESP have made significant contributions to road safety.

ESP comprises sensors around the vehicle which compares the steering instructions given by the driver and the actual motion of the vehicle to a central controller (dedicated computer). If it detects a deviation, the ESP controller intervenes, braking individual wheels and reducing engine power to ensure the vehicle stays on a safe course.

Presenting the award, John Lennox a director of the Awards scheme and Head of Transport, BSI Group , sponsors of the award, said: "The dramatic effect that advance braking systems have on crash reduction demonstrates the innovative and forward thinking approach to standards and road safety that the BSI Group stands for. We are therefore delighted to be able to present this award."

Receiving the award, Manfred Müller, Managing Director for Bosch Original Equipment in the UK, said: "Two recent major studies have proven that ESP is able to reduce accident rates by significant numbers, and because it is of most help when the driver loses control of their vehicle, it is actually best at preventing the most serious crashes."

"We are continuing to develop the system and you can expect to see new benefits that will help in common situations where driving can be difficult, such as wet weather, hills and stop-start traffic."


For more information please contact :

Bosch: Bruce Holcombe - 020 7 371 5335, Ruth Holubecki - 01895 838546
RoadSafe: Adrian Walsh, 020 7344 9236
BSI Group: John Lennox 020 8996 7342

If you are researching any area of automotive technology, further information is available at the Bosch Press website:


Notes to Editors

  1. Prince Michael International Road Safety awards recognise outstanding innovation and achievement in the fields of design, education and law enforcement. They are organised by RoadSafe, a partnership of leading British motor and transport companies, the Government and road safety professionals, which aims to promote safer road use and reduce deaths and injuries caused on the road. 
  2. BSI sponsors the Technology Award, which is given annually to the technological innovation which is deemed to have contributed most to safety improvement. 
  3. As the world's largest producer of brake control systems, Bosch was the first supplier to begin mass production of ESP in 1995. Bosch has played the leading role in developing electronically controlled stability systems, starting with ABS 25 years ago this year. 
  4. Such has been the impact of ABS that it becomes standard fit on all new vehicles in Western Europe from 2004.