Complaints management


13 November 2002

BSI can register organisations to a complaints management specification, giving valuable third-party endorsement of the excellence of their procedures for handling complaints.

CMSAS 86:2000; the Complaints Management System Assessment Specification, audits how an organisation implements its complaints procedure.

The BSI Scheme underlines that customers need an open, effective and easy complaints system, while staff need adequate resources and training to enable the system to work effectively. The Scheme also emphasises senior management involvement in complaint procedures and recognises the value of monitoring complaints to help organisations improve their performance.

CMSAS 86:2000 is based on the British Standard BS 8600:1999, titled: "Complaints management Systems, Guide to design and implementation" which was formally launched by BSI at the UK House of Commons, on Wednesday May 12, 1999.

The Standard calls for organisations to show a greater degree of visibility, accessibility and support to help those customers who need to complain. It also outlines how organisations can analyse and use complaints as a positive process to improve the quality of service as well as containing advice on planning, resource allocation, complaints analysis and monitoring. By using these management processes organisations will be able to build customer loyalty as well as improve products and services.


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