Mitsue-Links receives information security certification


September 8, 2001

Mitsue-Links received certification from BSI Japan for BS 7799 information security management on September 5, 2001. Mitsue-Links is one of the first firms in Japan to receive this accolade (Both NTT Data's IT Security Center and DNP Facility Services acquired certification at the same time).

The registration is for information security related to development of digital content, and the administration of the company's computer system servers.

Mitsue-Links' certification is based on BS 7799-2 (the specification for information security management systems). Part one, BS 7799-1, is the code of practice which has now become ISO 17799.

Mitsue-Links began in February 2001 to build an organizational framework to protect customer information and enhance risk management processes. The company was aware that with the rapid advance of information technology, information assets can be at risk with ever-increasing frequency.

Using the know-how derived through previously secured ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) certifications, Mitsue-Links was able to create and operate the necessary management systems to secure company-wide BS 7799 certification in a short period of time.

As part of its registration, Mistue-Links created an information security policy. Based on this policy, the company formed an Information Security Committee with representatives from across the entire organization, a cross-department Task Force, and a Network Management Group (responsible for technology supervision). These three groups are responsible for running the company's Information Security Management System. All employees have received training in both technological and physical aspects of information security. Mitsue-Links has also implemented programs to increase employee awareness, and ensure complete adherence to the policy.

Observation of the worldwide expansion of information technology (IT) leads Mitsue-Links to believe that its highest and best mission is to be its clients' "Best Support Partner" in facilitating clients' introduction and utilization of IT.

Mitsue-Links is also compliant with the JIS Z 9920 standard, "Complaints Handling Management," and based on the processes in place related to these four standards, Mitsue-Links is confident that it is effectively managing its business and providing an even greater level of customer satisfaction than ever before.

Mitsue-Links has a motto: "Performing to the highest international standards while retaining our Japanese soul." Mitsue-Links carries out analysis-oriented projects using thorough digitalization to achieve management by objectives. Yet, the company says that its people also remember who they are and remain true to their essential Japanese nature.

The company name "Mitsue-Links" was created by combining two words. One is "Mitsu" ("three" in Japanese), which indicates the following three things: people, things, and information. The other is "Ei" (written in English as "E") meaning prosperity. The words are used to show that Mitsue links people, things and information to develop prosperity for our clients and thus in their societies.

BSI helps organisations get the most value from their management systems through registration to international standards by a process-driven auditing approach. In addition to registering firms to the information security standard, BSI registers organisations to standards covering the management of quality, environmental best practice, and occupational health and safety.