BSI statement on Management System Certification regarding Brexit

BSI is aware that with all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, you may have questions in relation to your management system certifications and the validity of UKAS accreditation once the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. It is not clear what the outcome of the negotiations will entail at the time Britain leaves the European Union.


  • ISO certification for our clients, accredited by UKAS, will remain valid after Brexit.
  • BSI still holds accreditation with ANAB and as UKAS as a member of IAF and is covered globally by joint recognition under the MLA.
  • BSI will continue to monitor the situation and we will communicate accordingly when there are further developments.
  • BSI also works with other Accreditation bodies in Europe and remain in regular discussion with them around the situation.
  • BSI is working hard to ensure a smooth outcome with minimal disruption to our clients.
  • We endeavour to keep our customers updated, as the terms of Brexit become clearer.

Standards published by the International Organizations for Standardisation (ISO) are not linked to the European Union nor their regulations.

UKAS accredited management system certification are recognised globally through both The European Accreditation Multilateral Agreement (EA MLA) and the International Accreditation Forum, Multi-Lateral Agreement (IAF MLA). 

With the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union, UKAS will no longer meet the EA membership criteria, however, EA has introduced the option of transition period, allowing UKAS to maintain its membership for a further two year. During this period, the EA will revise the EA membership criteria with the stated aim that UKAS remains an EA member.1

Those signed up to the IAF MLA, as part of the agreement, must recognise the certificates issued by Conformity Assessment Bodies (such as BSI), accredited by all other signatories of the IAF MLA.