PAS 2080 Carbon Management In Infrastructure

PAS 2080 Carbon Management In Infrastructure

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A high rise building representing carbon management in infrastructure
A high rise building representing carbon management in infrastructure
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What is PAS 2080 certification/verification?

PAS 2080 is the leading standard for carbon management solutions in buildings and infrastructure development. Sometimes mistakenly referred to as PAS 2080 certification, PAS 2080 is a verification scheme to assess compliance. The standard’s development has been supported by the building and construction industry leaders, such as Skanska, Mott MacDonald, National Grid, and Anglian Water.

The standard applies to new projects or programs of work, as well as the management or retrofit of existing assets and networks. This means that any new buildings or infrastructure projects should consider the carbon footprint throughout their entire lifecycle, from design and construction to operation and end-of-life.


Who is PAS 2080 for?

All value chain members in the built environment, including:

  • Asset owners and managers
  • Architects and designers
  • Constructors 
  • Product and material suppliers
  • Regulators and financiers


Verification to PAS 2080

BSI’s PAS 2080 carbon management solutions in buildings and infrastructure verification scheme supports clients in the industry by assessing your delivery of projects to PAS 2080 standard requirements, your measurement and monitoring of carbon against project delivery, and the management of your supply chain, or your role within it.
It helps you to:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to carbon reduction in the marketplace
  • Measure and monitor carbon reduction, reducing your emissions and associated costs
  • Assure procurers with proof of independently verified compliance
  • Gain a competitive edge when bidding for tenders
  • Collaborate on projects across the supply chain
  • Comply with market legislation
  • Align your business to the sector’s ongoing net zero transition


What is the difference between PAS 2080 and 2060?

PAS 2080 and 2060 are both standards for managing greenhouse gas emissions, but PAS 2080 focuses specifically on buildings and infrastructure projects in the built environment, while PAS 2060 applies to any organization. PAS 2060 also includes guidance on how to achieve carbon neutrality, while PAS 2080 does not.

Learn more about PAS 2060 here>

How BSI can help

How BSI can help

BSI is your business improvement partner. We have shaped best practice for over 100 years, helping organizations around the world embed excellence, build competence and capability for sustainable growth.