BSI Entropy content library

Your BSI Entropy content library is a unique hub of pre-configured templates, legal registers, compliance checklists, insight papers and more to help you manage your ISO systems and compliance programmes.

The content is focused on topics such as quality management, environmental health and safety and information security. So not only can you effectively manage different business programmes and systems, but different team members have content to support their day-to-day activities. This feeds back into your Entropy dashboards so you can communicate results to your senior management teams.

Environmental Health and safety (EHS)

Drive environmental health and safety success

  • Riddor templates and OHSHA 300, 300A and 301 April FDA EDoc
  • Legal register templates
  • Internal data sheets regulations
  • Incident causes e.g. job factors, personal factors
  • Common EHS incident categories ready to apply
  • Prepopulated lists of consequences, substances and immediate causes of spills
  • Findings and actions – examples of records
  • Example of 5x5 risk methodology
  • ISO 45001 self-assessment checklist
  • ISO 45001 mapping guide
  • Injury reduction guide

Quality management

Take control of quality management

  • ISO 9001 self-assessment checklist
  • Common quality management categories ready to apply
  • Customer specific requirement checklists e.g. IATF
  • Prepopulated library for ISO 9001 and IAT 16949 controls
  • Prepopulated library for common risks /aspects / hazards
  • Leadership whitepaper
  • BSI best practice quality management programme

Information security and GDPR

Protect your sensitive information

  • ISO/IEC 27001 self-assessment checklist
  • EU GDPR requirements checklist
  • Security controls for automotive requirements
  • Common information security incident categories ready to apply
  • Prepopulated library for ISO/IEC 27001 controls
  • Findings and actions – example records
  • Evolution of cybersecurity trends whitepaper
  • BSI best practice information security  programme

Medical devices – quality management

Show commitment to safety and quality of medical devices

  • ISO 13485 self-assessment checklist
  • Findings and actions – examples of records
  • Common medical device specific categories ready to apply
  • Prepopulated library for ISO 13485 risks /aspects / hazards
  • Example of 5x5 risk methodology applicable to ISO 13485
  • ISO 13485:2003 to ISO 13485:2016 mapping guide
  • Cybersecurity in medical devices whitepaper

Business continuity management

Ensure continuity of your business

  • ISO 22301 self-assessment checklist
  • Business Impact Analysis template
  • Common business continuity categories ready to apply
  • Horizon scan report 2019

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