Information Assurance (IA) Architect

What an IA architect can do for you?

Information Assurance (IA) architecture also known as security architecture is about planning, integrating and continually monitoring the resources of an organization so they are used efficiently, effectively, acceptably and securely. The IA architect views the big picture encompassing the whole enterprise with the aim of optimizing all the services and components in a secure and coherent way. 

What is IA architecture?

IA architecture is a component of an overall Enterprise Architecture (EA) which implements a holistic business, information and technology architectural vision and then migrates, governs and manages it. IA architecture is its security sub-component. 

IA architecture methodologies and frameworks

Architects use recognized methodologies and frameworks to communicate in architectural terms with peers, other architects and clients. These include framework approaches such as SABSA (Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture), TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) and the Zachman Framework as well as others such as SOMF (Service Oriented Modelling Framework) and SOMA (Service Oriented Modelling and Architecture) for developing service based business systems.

Our IA architecture services

We can provide you with an IA architect to help provide a set of structured methods for the design, production and development of security artefacts and controls, as well as re-using existing designs to avoid re-invention, lowering development costs. 

We will customize and adapt outputs to unique business models and ensure that controls are derived from business requirements. Your business experts will help us gain a deeper understanding of your business processes, practices and tools in use within the organization. We then provide the security views and architectural input to generic frameworks and deliverables to ensure you get the right result for your business. 

We are there to help reduce ambiguity and promote a common language for communication. It supports with decision making and helps with project collaboration between business functions.