Secure coding review

We want to make sure your applications are secure before they become vulnerable. Through an application source code review our consultants can perform an in-depth analysis of the complete body of code which makes up an application.

We can provide a detailed picture of the security controls applied to your entire codebase, rather than just those aspects of the application which can be reached via a traditional application penetration test.

Deep coding security insight

We offer insight into all security-related coding issues throughout an application, and enable you to resolve many security vulnerabilities prior to release. This minimizes any potential risks associated with these vulnerabilities.

We perform code reviews of applications written in all major programming languages and frameworks, and can deliver both static and dynamic source code analysis, using a variety of industry leading tools. We also assist organizations who wish to embed source code analysis tools into their development environments, meaning many software vulnerabilities are removed at source.

The output of an application source code analysis exercise is a detailed report providing information on the types of vulnerabilities uncovered, where they occur in the application codebase, the potential impact of these issues, and detailed mitigation strategies for developers of the application.