Information management and monitoring

We offer a range of services to help you manage and monitor your organization’s information flow.

Log management

In order to  protect your networks and information, you need visibility into all security and compliance-related information from a host of sources.

We enable you to collect, analyse and correlate every log and security event that occurs across your organization, which allows for accurate detection of security incidents, risks and compliance violations.

This assists you to:

  • Combat increasing cyber attacks and address new compliance regulations
  • Reduce the complexity and effort required to manage security and compliance
  • Lower costs by integrating multiple technologies into a single, unified platform and leveraging existing technologies
  • Achieve complete visibility across all your organization and eliminate information silos

PCI compliance management

PCI DSS is a set of guidelines, measures and controls supported by all global card brands to help merchants, service providers, acquiring and issuing banks implement strong security precautions, ensure safe payment card usage and secure information storage.

As an approved Qualified Security Advisor (QSA) , we can help you address your compliance requirements and leverage the standard to safeguard your reputation, own interests and those of your customers.

We help you to:

  • Understand PCI DSS and how it pertains to your business
  • Identify the systems, storage and processes that move payment card data through the business
  • Expose vulnerabilities that may compromise cardholder data
  • Develop a roadmap to compliance
  • Assist with ongoing validation requirements

Configuration management

Poorly configured systems are easy targets for malicious attackers and malware – from weak password settings and incorrect file system access controls, to running applications and services with known vulnerabilities. Security professionals spend a long time tracking down and eliminating one-off configurations that can expose secure network to major threats.

We help organizations carry out  configuration audits and establish correct security configuration standards, identify configuration policy violations and continuously monitor these systems to ensure compliance with policies.

This assists you to:

  • Establish comprehensive configuration standards
  • Continuous monitoring and alerting on configuration changes
  • Broaden support for both hosts and devices

Continuous scanning- proactively monitor both perimeter and internal IT assets

Continuous scanning is a next-generation cloud service that gives you the ability to identify threats and monitor unexpected changes in your network.

Continuous monitoring brings a new approach to vulnerability management and network security, enabling you to immediately identify and proactively address potential problems, get real time alerts and accelerate incident response.

We can help you set up and implement continuous scanning.