IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components

Electrical and electronic devices and systems often comprise hundreds of components and parts. Established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in 1980, IECQ is a global certification and approval scheme for electronic components, associated materials, assemblies and processes.

Acquiring IECQ certification offers several advantages to electrical and electronic component manufacturers and their customers, including product quality assurance, reduced costs, enhanced process and market acceptance.

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IECQ schemes

BSI can certify against the following IECQ and BS 9000 schemes:

  • IECQ AC – Approved Component Products
  • IECQ AP – Approved Process – Distributor and Specialist Contractor
  • IECQ AQP – Automotive Qualification Programme
  • IECQ HSPM – Hazardous Substances Process Management
  • IECQ ITL – Independent Testing Laboratory
  • IECQ ADHP – Aerospace, Defense, and High Performance Component Management
  • IECQ CAP – Counterfeit Avoidance Programme
  • BS 9000 – Approved Products – Manufacturer, Distributor, Independent Testing Laboratory
  • Electronic Component Testing and Certification