Global BIM Coordinator Professional Training (Top up) for BIM Manager (CITF fund claimable)



BSI and isBIM Limited (isBIM) jointly develop the BIM coordinator training courses with the purpose of cultivating BIM practitioners who are contributing the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. With the focus of bringing in internationally recognized BIM national standards from the UK into Hong Kong, and with reference to ISO 19650 and PAS 1192 suite standards.

Course Outcomes

• To understand BIM concept definitions and scope, BIM standards and guidelines in Hong Kong and global contexts
• To operate BIM software and the modelling process, and describe current and relevant technologies
• To understand BIM uses, apply BIM software applications, and to execute and administer the responsible BIM tasks for individual or cross-disciplinary BIM project coordination
• To execute and administer the operation of a common data environment and data quality control system for effective use and sharing of digital information in a BIM project
• To apply interpersonal and communication skills in meetings, report / training material writing, etc.


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