Building Information Modelling (BIM): Digital Built Britain, IoT and SmartCities Training Course

This course is now available online


BIM Level 2 is now becoming established as the minimum level of performance for project delivery and asset management. Attention is now turning to the nature and implications of BIM Level 3 and beyond; including social integration, SmartCities (Communities), Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Contracts.

BIM Level 3 is still being defined and developed, but the direction of travel is clear – better linkages between datasets, wider and deeper data about the beneficial use of built environment assets, greater automation of data-handling, and societal outcomes; not just technical outputs.

This course will help delegates engage with the implications of this wider scope of built environment data and information management; and start to understand how they can exploit the opportunities that BIM Level 3 might provide.

This course covers:
• Richer information models for specific locations, assets and projects. IoT and BMS
• SmartCities/communities and GIS-networks and spatial
• Societal outcomes. Feedback. Social monitoring. Security and openness
• The importance of big and little data. Data primacy, immediacy

How will I benefit?

This course will help you:

  • Understand the limitations of BIM Level 2 and the opportunities at BIM Level 3
  • Understand the role of data in the broadening context
  • Anticipate the skills and understanding that will be required