Standards Services

Standards Services

Expert consulting, support and services that enable improved performance through standards. 

Expert consulting, support and services that enable
improved performance through standards.  

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Case studies

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  • "A PAS represents the fast-track approach, with concrete results in 9-12 months. Technologies are changing all the time, and if we had waited for formal standards, they could have been out of date before the ink was dry."

    Matt Wood-Hill, Cities Standards Coordinator, Future Cities Catapult

  • “If developers follow the process in PAS 277, 90% of them will make a better app and you are much more likely to make an app that will help people.”

    Hope Caton, Founder of Healthy Games, Developer of Cigbreak

  • “It has been an honour and pleasure to be involved with BSI and PAS 128. This document is the first dedicated UK specification for the detection of underground utilities and the first to set out accuracy levels to assess the quality criteria of any detected underground utility.”

    John Robinson, Managing Director, Subscan Technology LTD

  • “PAS 2424 will be a game-changer for the hygiene sector. For the first time ever, consumers will be able to confidently choose products based on their real-life efficacy. The test will also make it easier for laboratories to standardise their testing procedures, allowing for more accurate comparisons between product types."

    David Traynor, Byotrol CEO