Building Information Modelling (BIM) ISO 19650 Part 5: Security and BIM Training Course

If your role requires you to implement security policies in relation to the built environment, this course will take you through the security implications arising from BIM and how these can be managed in line with ISO 19650.

Expert trainers will take you through the components of ISO19650-5. You will understand the role of the security manager, and how to identify security risks relating to built assets and their information in the BIM context.

Using a security-minded approach you’ll learn to establish the need for, and develop, a security strategy. You will understand the management considerations for security-mindedness, such as the creation of security and incident management plans and the types of controls. In implementing your plans you’ll be working collaboratively, with information sharing agreements playing an important part.

How will I benefit?

  • You’ll recognize threats and sensitive assets
  • Be able to apply risk assessment principles to security issues
  • Implement security management through information requirements and plans
  • Plan the implementation of your security-minded approach to BIM
  • You’ll receive an internationally recognized BSI certificate.