Building Information Modelling (BIM) Fundamentals Training Course

This two-day course explains why the UK government has adopted ‘Collaborative BIM’ to reduce waste in construction and asset management. It will help you to understand BIM from different perspectives and in different contexts, in line with BS EN ISO 19650.

If you’re a construction or asset management professional, this course will help you to adopt UK BIM implementation. You’ll learn the terminology relating to BIM and gain an understanding of the ‘Information Delivery Cycle’ in line with ISO 19650-1. 

Choose to learn live online or in person in a classroom. By the end of this step on your learning journey, you’ll understand the importance of BIM implementation, related roles and responsibilities and the next steps to take to put it all into practice. 

How will I benefit?

  • Gain knowledge of the standards, tools and documents for BIM implementation
  • Understand related roles, responsibilities and a framework for better security
  • Understand the context of BIM implementation for your own organization
  • Make an action plan to put it into practice
  • Gain an internationally recognized BSI certificate