International standard for grades of wrought tool steels revised

BSI, the business standards company, has revised its standard for cold formed welded steel. BS EN ISO 4957:2018 Tool steels replaces the previous version of this standard published in 1999.

The revised standard will be of particular interest to producers of wrought tool steels; welding manufacturers; structural steel manufacturers; and all types of hot-rolled, forged, cold-drawn or cold-rolled products.

Specifically, BS EN ISO 4957 lists the requirements for the following grades of wrought tool steels:

  1. Non-alloy cold-work tool steels

  2. Alloy cold-work tool steels

  3. Alloy hot-work tool steel

  4. High-speed tool steels

The standard applies to all types of hot-rolled, forged, cold-drawn or cold rolled products produced by power metallurgy. The main changes compared with the withdrawn 1999 edition are:

  1. The delivery conditions normalized/normalized rolled has been introduced

  2. The surface quality, ISO 9443 for bars and ISO 7788 for plates now apply

  3. An additional clause for sorting and reprocessing has been introduced

  4. The normative references have been updated

Dan Palmer, Head of Manufacturing at BSI, said: “BS EN ISO 4957 will be a boon to welding manufacturers, mechanical engineers, and machine part manufacturers. The steel industry is increasingly cross-border, and fittingly, the requirements in this standard are global.”

The following UK organizations were represented in the development of BS EN ISO 4957: British Stainless Steel Association; Cold Rolled Sections Association; Institute of Spring Technology; The Catering Equipment Suppliers Association; UK Steel. 

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