EMCOR UK is first UK organization to achieve conformity to revised energy management standard on same day it is published

21 August 2018

EMCOR UK  is the first UK organization to be independently assessed by BSI and achieve conformity to ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management.  The revised standard, which published today, provides guidance for organizations on how to establish their systems and processes necessary to continually improve energy performance, including energy efficiency, use or consumption. 

ISO 50001:2011 has already helped numerous organizations in the UK set and achieve objectives and energy targets, take action to improve their energy performance and benefit from efficiency and costs savings as a result. It also remains an accepted method for organizations to demonstrate compliance with the government’s ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme). The standard has been revised this year to ensure it keeps pace with changes in energy management.  

EMCOR UK has been guided by the FDIS, which enabled them to meet the requirements of the independent assessment against the standard by the publication date.  

Keith Chanter, CEO, EMCOR UK, commented: 

“EMCOR UK is delighted to be the first company to achieve conformity to the revised ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management standard from BSI. We are committed to achieving industry best practices in energy efficiency and the delivery of innovative energy management solutions to reduce consumption and environmental impact. Conformity to this new standard further strengthens our position as a leader in delivering integrated facilities management services which are enabling our customers to better manage energy efficiency, delivering immediate cost savings whilst helping to protect the environment.”

ISO 50001 has been revised to include a high level structure (HLS) - featuring terms, definitions, headings and text common to all management system standards. This allows for easier integration when implementing multiple management systems, such as ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management. Some of the other changes include:- 

  • Stronger      emphasis on the responsibility of leadership
  • Clarification      on key concepts related to energy performance
  • Increased      compatibility with ISO 14001 and other management system standards
  • Improved sections on data collection and      normalization
  • Some minor revisions reflecting seven years of use

Amanda Pakes, EMEA Product Champion for energy management at BSI commented:

Regulation, such as ESOS has put energy management high on the agenda for many businesses, encouraging organizations to review their total energy use, energy efficiency and identify cost-effective energy savings opportunities. On top of this, rising energy costs, possibly energy shortages and the need to protect reputation is driving organizations to think more strategically about energy management.  

“Achieving conformity to ISO 50001 can help organizations to drive efficiency improvements, remain sustainable and be more resilient - we’re delighted that EMCOR UK is the first to achieve this with us.”

For more information, please visit https://www.bsigroup.com/en-GB/iso-50001-energy-management/


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