Product Certification

BSI’s role as an EU Notified Body will not change while UK Government sets out the arrangements for its withdrawal from the EU. We anticipate that products already certified and those certified while the negotiations progress, will continue to be accepted by the EU authorities and member states of the EU. During this transition period, we will be working closely with the UK Government (e.g. Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Department for International Trade and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and UKAS (UK Accreditation Service) to enable BSI to continue being recognized as a Notified Body. 

BSI further anticipates it will remain an EU Notified Body for assessing and approving products against the relevant CE directives and regulations (such as Construction Product Regulation, PPE Directive and the Gas Appliance Directive).  There are recognized existing mechanisms in place for non-EU countries to participate, these include the Mutual Recognition Agreements between the EU and America, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and Japan.  Regulatory authorities in these countries designate Notified Bodies to carry out these activities in the same way as member states of the EU.   

We will continue to keep you updated on a regular basis as the political situation develops and discussions progress.  For now, it’s business as usual and most importantly, we would like to assure you that BSI will continue to help organizations as we have done for the past 115 years.