Work begins on the publicly available specification for the transport of chilled and frozen parcels

29 March 2016

BSI, the business standards company has commenced development of a new publicly available specification (PAS) related to chilled and/or frozen goods delivery services. PAS 1018:2017 which has been sponsored by Yamato Holdings aims to create an environment in which any customers can use high quality chilled and/or frozen parcel delivery services around the world with peace of mind. The aim is to help improve convenience for delivery service users and the local economy, and also to expand global markets in this area.

The specification is to be developed in response to the demand for chilled courier services which has been rapidly increasing as a result of economic growth and expansion of mail-order services in the world. In recent years there has been an increase in delivery services focusing on individual packages containing chilled and/or frozen goods for direct delivery to the customer. There has also been an increase in small quantity business-to-business chilled and frozen goods deliveries. Food is one item that may be delivered, but not the only type of good delivered using this method. 

Richard Taylor, Standards Market Development Director at BSI said: “ Having a specification in place will not only help improve the quality in these services (especially as the number of new entrants to the market increases) and improve standards, but also raise the reputation of the organizations that follow the guidance.”

Shigeyuki Takano, Manager, Corporate strategy at Yamato commented: “While the express parcel delivery service has been rapidly growing backed by the buoyant e-commerce demand, there is yet no global standard set for the express delivery service. Against such a backdrop, we believe that PAS 1018 can contribute to the industry as a whole by making clear  what the quality service is for this particular segment of logistics services.”  

What PAS 1018 covers

  • Transportation of chilled or frozen parcels in temperature-controlled land transportation vehicles via geographical routing systems
  • Requirements for resources, equipment, operations and communications to delivery service users 

PAS 1018: 2017 is expected to publish in January 2017 and will be developed using a collaborative consensus-based approach involving organizations from within the supply chain, food handling, environmental, courier and transportation services amongst others.