BSI British Standards invites comments on draft standard on access to buildings for disabled people

Press release - 4 June 2008

BSI British Standards has issued a new draft standard on access to buildings for disabled people.

To comment on the draft of BS 8300:2008 (Design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people – Code of practice) please visit To download a large print version of the draft, please visit (please note: this draft is now closed and so is no longer available).

This standard gives recommendations for the design or modification of domestic and non-domestic buildings to meet the needs of disabled people. It applies to car parking provision, access routes to and around all buildings, and entrances to and interiors of buildings. BS 8300:2008 also includes recommendations regarding facilities within buildings, such as public telephones and ATM machines.

BS 8300:2008, which will supersede BS 8300:2001, explains how the built environment can be designed or modified to anticipate, and overcome, restrictions that prevent disabled people making full use of premises and their surroundings. The guidance in this standard covers a wide range of disabilities and the use of the built environment by disabled people who can be residents, visitors, spectators, customers, employees, participants in sports events, performances and conferences or those involved in public life.

Dr Patricia Pay, Chair of the BSI committee responsible for the draft, said, “I urge interested parties to study this document, and provide suggestions for improvement or modification. The committee is particularly keen to have the views of disabled people and organizations, of and for, disabled people. What BSI publishes following this consultation will shape the built environment for years to come.”

BS 8300:2008 is applicable to any organization or individual involved in the design and construction of domestic or non-domestic buildings. The closing date for comments is 31 July 2008.

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