Supporting Kitemark

We have been issuing “Supporting Kitemark” logos after a surge in demand from organisations wishing to show their support for Kitemark products and services.

This has initially been rolled out to the automotive sector where parts suppliers, associated services such as paint shops can use the “Supporting Kitemark” logo on their invoices, letterheads and even on van stickers.

This is a great way to spread the Kitemark word across the country as such delivery vans cover a vast area every day.

The “Supporting” logos are available to organisations who have no specific Kitemark scheme available to them. As such there is no risk of them appearing to be Kitemark holders themselves. To further safeguard the Kitemark brand, all users of supporting logos will need to register with BSI Product Services so that they can be updated whenever necessary.

If you have any contacts with organisations who may like to show their support for Kitemark then send their details to us at with “Supporting logo usage” in the subject line, provide their contact details and we will do the rest.