Australia’s Macquarie Telecom re-certified to BS 7799:2002 ISMS


10 March 2005

Global players in the telecom industry get serious about certifications
Hong Kong, 10th March 2005 - BSI Management Systems, the leading global developer of standards and provider of international certification and assessment services, today announced its award of BS 7799–2:2002 Information Security Management certification to Macquarie Telecom. The company is one of the very few commercial data centres in Australia to gain such a certification.

Macquarie Telecom General Manager, Data and Hosting, Glen Noble commented after the confirmation of the registration, “Registration is a gruelling process and not a viable option for many organisations. But given the legal ramifications an organisation faces if it doesn’t comply with new regulations - it is increasingly important.

“The need to meet compliance requirements has motivated a number of Macquarie Telecom’s business and government customers to outsource to us. It means they have access to technology, skills and business processes that have been certified to be of world class standard. It is a fast and affordable way to meet compliance.”

BS 7799:2000 has been so widely recognised that many sectors of our economy, be they commercial or non-commercial, private or public concerns, have chosen to get certified to the standard in order to demonstrate to their stakeholders, customers and the general public that they understand and are committed to, delivering the best in information security management.

Globally, an increasing number of Governments have been legislating for compliance to BS 7799. Since Japan’s motion for enactment of related regulations, the country has become the world’s fastest adopter of the standard, accounting for roughly half the global number of BS 7799 registrations.

Other Asian governments are fast catching up. For example, the Chinese Taipei government also recently moved to legislate for compliance to the standard.

BSI has become an indisputable leader in the area of information security management certification, taking up the top position in many markets, from 35 per cent market share in Japan to similar performances in many other Asian markets.

BSI Management Systems Asia Pacific Managing Director, Mr. Duncan Lilley remarked, “We are honoured and pleased to be Macquarie Telecom’s systems partner for Information Security Management. With our exceptional credentials and experience in the field, we are confident that BSI will continue to add value to this partnership and provide a direction for Macquarie Telecom’s information security standards enhancement initiative. Macquarie Telecom has set a new milestone and serve as a benchmark for other local telecom companies in Australia.”

To ensure Macquarie Telecom’s ISMS has the continuous capability and reliability compliant to BS 7799, BSI will continue to carry out re-assessment every six months within the three-year validity period of the certification. Thereafter, BSI will re-visit the entire ISMS system to review if the certification will be extended for a further three years.


About Macquarie Telecom

Macquarie Telecom is a leading supplier of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions – including voice, data, mobile and hosting – specialising in the business and government markets. The world class Intellicentre facility offers state-of-the-art hosting and security solutions. Macquarie Telecom provides services to more than 2,500 of the top companies in Australia and Asia, with more than one million Australians using its services at work every day. Founded in July 1992, it is one of Australia’s first telecommunications companies. It expanded its operation into Asia in 2000, and holds carrier licences in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. For further information:

About BSI Management Systems

BSI Management Systems provides organisations with independent third party certification of their management systems, including ISO 9001:200 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety) and BS 7799 (Information Security). As the world’s leading management systems registrar, BSI Management Systems has more than 45,000 clients worldwide thereby helping all kinds of organisations improve their business efficiency and reduce their risk. The Company operates from four regional hubs based in the UK, Europe, Asia and America, with the capability to deliver assessments worldwide, reinforcing BSI’s commitment to deliver assessments with an unrivalled level of consistency across the world. This assessment capability is further augmented by training and advisory activities deemed essential to guiding clients towards the successful adoption and implementation of best practice.