BSI Offers Guidance on New Biocontamination Control


5 March 2004

New Standard BS EN ISO 14698 (Parts 1 & 2) now published

Hygiene has become increasingly important in modern society and it is essential manufacturers create safe and stable products through hygiene and the adoption of biocontamination control. Now that the use of anti-microbial agents has been reduced, or even forbidden in some countries, organisations need to change their biocontamination control measures.

BSI Business Information has now published the first general international standard for biocontamination control, called BS EN ISO 14698 Cleanrooms & Associated Controlled Environments - Biocontamination Control. The standard comes in two parts.

Part one is the general principles and methods that provide the basic principles of biocontamination control and testing; establishing and verifying the formal system; expressing, interpreting and reporting results; training and documentation. It also gives information to help manufacturers to:

  • Determine biocontamination of surfaces, textiles and liquids
  • Validate laundering processes
  • Determine airborne biocontamination
  • Validate air samplers

Part two is evaluation and interpretation of biocontamination data to present a framework for the evaluation of microbiological data. It also provides results obtained from particle samples taken in risk zones - using the principles and methods given in Part 1 of this standard.

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